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Kris La Rue

Everybody better bring there fire suits out because this joint is lit af 🔥🔥🔥


Amelia Beef

Dude perfect needs a trampoline room

#true story

Ben Fußhoven

i really love your videos dude :D you need more subscribers :c


charif belkacem

I am so so so sorry for you're lost

Fred Jensen


Lance McGowan

Thumbnail looks like Soulja Boy and Wiz Khalifa had a baby

haad thuglife

my freind is box for bird

Chandra Sekhar

Just look at5:37 ..Garret knows that he is going to be the 2017 stunt driving champ.😃

mikael city

Are you shazam

Rau Caine

lol hi


3:08 notice the ball come back up through the hop


Adolfo Rozas

In flip or smash i would put in Coby and his twin Cory

And claustrophobia and to top it off I have been cat called by boys (YOU BITCHES) and kidnapped many times but I escaped in all 4 times(no joke)(I may have slapped him and shouted "fuck off pervert" without thinking )(I may have punched his neck too whoops.)


Great video as usual, even although I've never seen any of these anime, except Dragon Ball.

Deep Das

The game was best ....😁😁

Also, they said no loading screens, but not for what games. It might be like what the PS5 will do for PS4 games, so it would mean no load times for Xbox One games.

It’s Taylor

You should make more steriotyps



Joe Richardson

Hey Dude perfect, when are we going to see a rugby themed episode?

Saniya Milligan

Bru kids are 80%pee I feel offended science dude

pete astle

What the HECK this is from 10 yrs ago that’s 2009

James CKC

Nobody should Dislike you Guys!


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