Dog Club - Children's Bedtime Story/Meditation

“Dog Club” is for all my little friends requesting dog related story/meditations. The theme of the story is all about safety in our streets, safety from a pack of dogs with super powers… Now, How Cool Is That!Support Me Become A Patron visit my online Ajna Store to purchase exclusive meditations for download! FaceBook - Ask to join Corys ConsciousLiving to meet conscious friends!Instagram - LoveInFlow for Healthy Recipes!Music...

Short Potato

I’m not normally an emotional person but this made me cry 😭 I’m so so so sorry you had to go through this-you’re so strong

Squid Sister Callie

this is a life lesson: hold as tight as you can to your mother’s hand and you will have a 100% chance that you will land of an unknown area with people that will take care of you


No mate, it's just what the title of the video says: "Easter Eggs"

Ella Hope

Hey I’m Ella 🖐🏻

Shakayla Thomas

Hey Love the ace family they so funny and I Love y’all so much 💕❤️🥰✌🏿😜😍

Also me:"loads up AK-47"

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Early 0-0

Matheus Issao

3:14 esSa po*** é BR HUEHUEHUE


Anyone else remember this in the diet theory

Zibbe Zabba

Easter eggs won't make much difference to a game that is already dead.


Trom Youkt

While İ was watching Your video mgs4 was open and waiting at İts press start button and İ realized something ehem you wait too much snake gets on his knees and puts his gun in his mouth and screen goes up and very strange videos appear please try

Holly Paw

I think the artist needs to tone down the colors, they kinda hurt the eyes

Beatriz Bonoan

Sometimes I wonder how I got through so many periods and think to myself that I’m actually a superhero

Kailey Meyer

Congrats on the baby


Ok but I'm the one with the long legs XD



Clean up my yard, get the noose out

AnChannelWithAlmostNoSubs Arion

This story is fake there is police everywhere and when ur caught they send you back.


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Jake Craft

CvyhtXiyyrs132kgqnn I like your videos Dude Perfect

Sir Slothington


go go power rangers

How is there already 45 views?

Monachus Bibe

You are awesome!!

Nutshell Gaming Official

chicago Blackhawks is the best kane towes Hossa were set but blue are good to ChiVStl

Ann Kennedy

hilarious, just hilarious!!!!!!

The Retro Gamer

Today is a good day :)

Ed Rod

Go pats🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

Elvis Valle

I hate the warriors but they’re the champs they ain’t done yet till the end of this series

Nolan Anderson

I LOVE the cowboys!

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