Gayatri Mantra - Meditation Song

A beautiful meditation song for relax and physical and spiritual health. Lisen it every dayto recharge with positive energy!Una bellissima canzone meditativa per rilassarsi e per la salute fisica e spirituale. Ascoltala ogni giorno per ricaricarti di energia positiva!Una canción hermosa meditación para relajar y la salud física y espiritual. Escuchar todos los días para recargar de energía positiva!


Kevin sherwood - not carry on by avenged sevenfold :(

Victor Barros

i'have waiting for this

PHILanthrop MotoVlox

I'll never blew my nose again ^^

Jack Hinkley

Man this game is going to be good when it comes out on PC in 2020.

Kevin Michael Easter's Multiplex

Dude Perfect has the best looking guys.I wish they were in my backyard!

ranjith Chandrasekar

Do a video with Tom Brady


Sounds like my ex

x master

Can i get a release date for the release day for the game lol

Unknown Player

Those kids were cyka blayts

Dragon city Player

How do you remember this? so which personality do you store this in but great vid🙃


The Racer: Hey! You wanna race?

Hunter Da Dino

My grade 3 teacher is the oposite

Nightcore Corry

I just finished reading a book called refugee

shazia Bano

You are looking funny

the rage monster (the park closed due to thunder)

Saanvi OMG

There is an onion on my table

Chris Wachowiak



Audrey keza

ha screw it now where is my chocolate🍫🍩🌰and soda🍹🍹🍹🍔🍟🌯🍖🌮🌭🍕


People we don't know if he's British or not.

Nothing to see cri

WhY iS shArInG FoOd iLLeGaL?

Alex Che

Cory is not changed

Drew Mohr

Do another duck tank throw



Elders react to the doors

Junpei Draws / Gacha

Title: I hated my Adopted Family.... but now i want to support them

Jonhbob Bobydon

Your mom never die

i never remembered much of when i was young

Nils Meergans

Fantastic work man:) keep it up. I really like this new format, you can see all the effort you put into it:)

Penny Liwanag

I dont get the BOOs

Mickey and Pluto



Jim Timms

My life is over

Kshitij Rathore


Braddy Sosa


Deja Kordei

here before 100k views ❤️❤️

_warrior_cats_ 27

I love you and your videos Juanpa! They're amazing!😍😍😍😍😍


Clicked so fast because of Tony Hawk American Wasteland on the thumbnail😂


I'll play it tomorrow,can't wait,cant sleep

Edgar Fragoso

Wt# why the or

Norma Stroupe


Galaxy LeviShadow

I honestly thought this was going to be that one thing where a person tries to turn a gay person straight. But no. This surprised me!! It was heartwarming to see you actually saving him from getting beaten. Sh00k



That cheerful music though

Mr Hyde

Ragnar vs king Alfred

Robert Hatch



0:58 0:58.5

kyeet _ilysm


fast 4

Usage bolt


Not a word he said was a lie.

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