GUIDED MORNING MEDITATION For Positivity and Gratitude

. Good morning my friend, and welcome to this quick and easy morning guided meditation for positive energy and gratitude. This one is sure to help you start your day off on the right foot, with a short moment of relaxation, stillness and calm. You can do this one when you’re still in bed, or sitting somewhere comfortably. And if you want a really good morning, then have some coffee or tea to follow this video. Today is a new day, with new experiences, and a new you. Choose to enjoy it and start your day with a lovely moment of positive juju and a feeling of gratitude and appreciation. There’s nothing like it!If you’ve never meditated before, be sure to try this one out anyway! It’s quick and easy, and anyone can learn how to meditate.Please let me know how you feel after completing this guided meditation, and share your experiences in the comments section! Take a nice big good morning stretch, and let’s begin!Love,♥ VeraNEW VIDEO EVERY SATURDAY | Love minimalism • Get inspired • Be yourself • Take careFIRST TIME HERE? Welcome. I make weekly videos about minimalism, simple living, happiness and self development. With Simple Happy Zen I hope to create a place for everyone to take a little break, to get inspired and take care. We deserve to. Thank you for joining the channel and subscribing, feel free to say hi if you’d like!LET’S CONNECT» Subscribe: Website: » Twitter: WATCH NEXTMinimalism: FAVORITE “ZEN” READS» “The Joy of Living” by Mingyur Rinpoche: “The Art of Living” by Thich Nhat Hanh: » “Tao, the Watercourse Way” by Alan Watts: MAKING SHZ VIDEOS» All film & photography gear, software and music that I use to create my videos: using the abovementioned links I may receive a small commission. This way you can help to support my YouTube channel, at no extra cost to you of course. :-)ENGLISH NOT YOUR FIRST LANGUAGE? Select Closed Captions in the video settings to help you follow along. You can also adjust the speed in the settings menu to 0,75.COMMENT POLICY: Let’s keep the comments section friendly. Constructive criticism is always welcome and appreciated. However, hurtful or disrespectful comments that don’t have anything to do with the topic of the video will be deleted.MUSIC CREDIT:"Serenity" by Audionautix Creative Commons Attribution-license (Artist:

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Samuel James

Somehow seeing Chris riding that 'animal-ride-thing', makes me feel sry for him. Like he wants to be a kid again, and now he is stuck in the real world, a world of horror.



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Nara Wadhnak

Who else love Cool Not Cool ??? :)



RedBin Rabbit

5:17 I laughed so much just like Naomi lied on the ground😂😂😂


If you really cared about the community you would remove those annoying ads and bring back chronological order

Niles Jones

This guy's voice needs to be on one of those bedtime stories audio tapes


OMFG!!! 4:15, the chicken, when he shot it it grew big, just like in the Legend of Zelda!

ese hombre

The same way he constructed that pro golf club.

Anjani Kumari

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Tom Brady


Imagine going AFK in the first one, and come back to the game just over.

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Gandbadraa Badraa

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alis a

I bet the girl you helped is thanking you from her heart I think you are such a wonderful person I can't believe that there are still nice people like you on earth 💕💕

Syed sultan Ali Zaidi

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Suggar art

This isn’t what bipolar is . This is falsely educating people. Bipolar doesn’t mean that ur crazy . Cuz this is what that vid makes it out 2 be

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1:12 that failed fist bump tho 😂

Amira Twenty

I have autism .ω.

Gavin Hockeysniper9

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Sorrow In A Can




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