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Jessica Driver

#35 on trends😍😍🔥

Me: o.O

Tenicia Williams

get burglarproof for you dam windows people no matter how safe your neighborhood is anything can happen


You are #1 in the trends!?! GGWP!!!

2. the rage monster ( for the loud noise)

Alex Hill


Akua Asiama Frimpong


YaoDong Jin


Caoimhin Saunders

I just noticed the guy in the racing suit was Dressed as Ayrton Senna

Dark Ravenx

And same

Patel mayank

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Josie pineda

0:58 well thats me and my so called friends when in a group chat

Swaroopa Shankar

light saber battle

Jewish Codface

It’s so cute in a phallic sort of way:)

Tim Sacrey

lol wh is your saints row character old greg?

Napoleon TheNapol TheNapol cool And I Like things

This is...

Chibigirl AMV'S

2:16 omg I thought she ment the group! 😑

Aidan Leffler

i dont think that saints row one counts as a christmas easter egg. more of a regular easter egg in a christmas dlc

Excalibur Prime

on call of the dead which chacters are those the mk1 or mk2 nikoly an them

Mavis Dela Serna

god I hate that woman.

Nathan Shields

STEREOTYPESDriving: School Mornings1. Coffee drinkers2. Doing make up in the car3. Late4. Carpool5. Siblings

KLFtrap M8

Who is watching this in 2016?----------------------------------------------------



Yasin Ahmed

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Aparício Santos

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anthony m

At 6:58 There's a voice that said "Look at all those chickens"

Estelle Wolf

The last is so sad 😢


Like HULK when you pressing 4

The Trendy Hub

2018 anyone??.

The Dopas

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Funny vids for kids My Dudes

Ps4 sucks xbox is better

Monica Barrios

I need someone to hype me up like Jenna hypes up Marbles

Instagram :

Surinder Kaur

Damanjot is a good idea for shooting in the local language of different country

Aaron Films

Wait is she pregnant or not

Mana Watt


Angie Eggert

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Being a PC gamer. Everything announced is already done

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