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Stealth 101010

Ok....this is cool 😎 part of me is really hoping they will put in fully voiced cutscenes.

Adam Bailey

Your baby is in a better place. Laughing in heaven with joy. Playing with infinite baby toys. Sleeping with teddies. Happy.

I hope you get cured and live in peace. Nobody deserves this. At least not good people...

Sunset Calypso

A good way to end the year with Guru, one of the best hunters by far.

samkit jain vlogs

17.5 so close!!!




question to the people making this: what ranch is that?

Cat Craft

My entire life is basically this video, put downs indults and corporal punishment have really badly affected my mental health. I don't know if anyone else can relate but I'd be sat their sad and depressed trying to find that love and support I desperately wanted but only finding turned backs as everyone fussed over my brothers... They didn't get that my silence didn't mean that I was ok.

Veronica Faylin

Shit..... October 18th is my birthday....


0:53 dafuq? Thor can fly now.

Rainn Purath

Purple hoser all the way

Kiedy wychodziłam, pożegnałam się Mattem, który wydawał się być zły. Wydaje mi się, że naprawdę go to zmartwiło, bo następnego dnia zerwał ze mną i zaczął spotykać się z kimś innym.


What I want in the missing wheel piece:

MattDaBomb YT

Every time I watch Cody’s blind fold shot it makes me feel a shiver down my spine

Michael Schletter

A barbecue stereotypes would be funny. Same with camping and/or traveling.

Coco ZombieZoom

Just go to Denmark bc we are much better over here and its FREE :D and we are not so rude :3

Tabz Catzz

To Be Honest,

twice boo

i thought everyone that drank alcohol had red cheeks after drinking

Fesh 228

>Magikarp used Max Splash Edit: so what if they thought asthma wasn't such a serious disease overall smoking is not good for you and you should always quit

jelle tilburg

do a far cry 4 easter egg!!


That’s not a good reason acutally..

Epic_Fuzion Gaming

Is their a gaming channel lol

Andrey theboss

Toby the camera man.

15k Subs with no video challenge


BerserkerBlade 900

Nobody is talking about the background music?

Eli Norden

this is awesome



Alejandro Sanz

That halo easter egg is fake

Evan Newlander

Dear “Old Guy”You always made these videos better and funnier. We will never forget you, and you will be missedWith love and sadness,The entire Dude Perfect fanbase.If Ty gets selected for Wheel Unfortunate in the year 2019, I will say something about Joe Montana not being in the fantasy draft

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