Mooji - the Seeker of Truth (highly recommended for all seekers of Truth)

In this beautiful video, Mooji explains that in the quest for Truth, one should remain humble. Mooji points out that the one who is searching should neither claim nor reject Truth, for in any wholehearted search, the "I" who started the journey will eventually also have to dissolve, in accordance to the divine will of the Supreme. This video will put things into perspective for all those who are yearning for freedom, for everlasting peace and happiness."You're like the moth that goes to the flame.. This is liquid wax, he flies in it.. There's no way back! Once he touches this liquid wax, nothing can rescue him, and he does it completely. Something inside of you say: absorb me like this." ~ Mooji"Your part is only to say: Thank you, burn my house down, rid me of ego, merge me with You. How fortunate am I that You have picked me up and burnt me in You." ~ Mooji"I told a story one time of one Sufi, I like this story - a Sufi master meditating, and suddenly he finds himself at the door of Allah. (knock knock knock) A voice says "Who is it?". He (Sufi) says: "It is I my Lord".The voice says: "Go away, there's no room for two in here"He finds himself again deep in meditation. Again he finds himself at the door of Allah. (knock knock knock)"Who is it?""It is You my Lord""Ah, come in, I have been waiting for You." ~ MoojiExcerpt from Open Satsang Season from Rishikesh, India.Satsang recorded onSunday, 18th Feb 2017: and Schedule: library of Mooji Satsangs:


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