Oneness of Heart - Full Practice Video (w/Instructions): Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana

We embark on this healing journey as a global community on November 8, 2016. Join Ajeet Kaur and yogis around the world as we chant the mantra Ra Ma Da Sa for the Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana: Oneness of Heart. Learn more here:


Let it go?


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Greg Heffeley

Suggestion Lego Indiana jones 1 u can see Luke hanging and in 2 u can see Han Solo carbamate in the first mission

Posdata: wow enserio jamas pense ver el ASMR en estas escenas...

Jonah Carlino

Billiards stereotypes would be cool


Buen video hijuesuputa madre, saludos desde México puto!

Tyler Smith

Where’s Garret


cod has better games than battlefield

quarks and stuff

Ocd I find this to be idiotic not to be rude but it is

Odette Harris

1 like=for 10 slaps for the creepy teacher

Aliyah Davis

dude I feel Emma with the raspy voice thing that’s me 24/7

I can tell you that this story is real 100%


2013 to 2016

makes sense

I wonder how long it took for them to get those trick shots


I-im in a relationship? the title says so..

Fany3000az ROBLOX GAME

I got a story but is very provite to put in the comments


Who else thought that she was helping ALICE cheat for revenge when she FIGURED out that Jake cheated...

Especially when I know them better than you do,

David Walliams

It’s a Yes from me!


this was the first video i watched from them.... it's just as good as i remembered

Drama Llama

Go new Jersey Devils

Batatude FG

I can't stop waching this!


Dj. Khaled ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Mark The Gamer

N... N... No please, We have only just got rid of those frozen songs... No more please 😬

Suresh Bullet

hi do with beyblade


Who writes about their feelings in the class group chat like wtf


team coby 4 life

Nic fallin

are you real

Jezza Vile

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Syed Rahman

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real niggas know the Minecraft meme about it

malachy doyle

you can see spilt egg all over the floor but the have not dropped any apparently

Dillon Snow

What happens if u throw burning magnesium into a bucket of water

btw. Good vid!


0:50 3:23 is me lol everytime



The New King

Never been so hyped for a video before!

Darklord 808

Corviknight is now one of my favorite pokemons


am i the only person that saw the characters from tranzit in the corner as toys?

Anonymous Commenter

Hearthstone is awesome for supporting this!

• Crazy Violet •

Why does everyone have the same voice

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