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Anyways, great video, as always!

Pulling the Strings

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Unknown Flames

Is this a copied channel of story booth?

James S_on_YT

This is one of the most inspiring videos I have ever sern

Nathan Lobono

I like how it begins and ends with the appearance of the wand shop keeper. These are like his only cameos in the films.

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Always such high production value, but finally a long video!!


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Duo clan

guru i'm guessing you had alot of fun making this video since RDR2 is full of crazy easter eggs and i'm sure there will be alot more that we will discover can't wait for more and btw that trancision you made from the movie to the game with the smoke in the beggining was amazing!!!

Tracy T


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Oh man, such a good vid as always, hopefully your getting better, continue what your doing cause what your doing is great. Even tho there is a time gap between all ur vids, it doesn't stop us from waiting and watching. Much love

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The AI's will start talking about food, pigeons, pasta and stuff like that. And a Half Life easter egg it's in Mad Max. thats the number one priority.

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