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Find your study zone with this music to boost your concentration, give you improved focus, better memory. The Alpha BiNaural Beats make it easy to study for tests! Ace your final exams! Download: Music One with Alpha Waves for Super LearningWith proven results from our solo Alpha BiNaural Beats, I can assure you that with the dedicated study you will get higher grades. Pure alpha binaural beats here: used while studying! As the frequencies alter your concentration while listening.===► Get Ad-Free Study Music 24/7 + 2 Downloads every Week: will need to be wearing headphones or have your speakers at least a meter apart, one facing each ear.Learn how BiNaural Beats work: out the research on BiNaural Beats here: frequencies used here are Alpha BiNaural Beats arranged in an 8hz to 12hz sweep. This creates an optimal study aid for super learning, memory retention, and mental alertness.Please Share and Subscribe.Thank You.☯Study Music Study music can help to calm a busy mind which allows for focus on the task at hand. This means you can study without difficulty or distraction. We also include BiNaural Beats in our tracks which gives a huge added bonus to how effective it will be. You memory retention and other cognitive abilities including focus, concentration, attention span etc will be greatly enhanced. Our Alpha BiNaural Beat has been proven to give average higher grades. This is why it will be so helpful when it comes to final exam time!☯RelaxationWith soothing tones and gentle melodies, our music can be the perfect tool to wash away a stressful day. Don't wait until you need a medical (or self-medicated) fix to release your anxiety, fear, worry or stress. Frequencies built into this music have been scientifically proven to alter one's state of mind for better well being.☯Meditation Used for meditation, this music can allow you to find deep stillness inside of yourself. Meditation music can also be used to find higher states of mind, states where a thought comes easily. This is very useful for problem solving, invention or for artists to get into a creative state. Meditation music ranges in pace, quality and composition, so find something that fits with what you are trying to achieve. We have lots of meditation music and music for relaxation on our channel and website. Check it out!☯Health Spa & MassageYou are most welcome to play this music in your Health Spa, Massage or Healing Center. We would appreciate your support if you would like to buy and download from our site. Spa music is very helpful to achieve a pleasant environment for staff and customers and to encourage ultimate relaxation.☯Healing & YogaHealing music is a wonderful tool for healing emotional trauma. Many of our tracks will help you search deep inside yourself and make peace with those emotions that need some attention. Music alone can be the catalyst for healing, bringing one into the feeling/emotion that needs a little love to be resolved. This music is perfect to listen to while doing yoga exercises, Reiki or any other healing exercises.☯Sleep Music, Deep SleepMany of our tracks are examples of sleep music at its best. We also combine the soothing sounds of nature with gentle sleep music, soft voices guiding one into a wonderful dream world and BiNaural Beats. This combination is the key to our successful results. Many listeners and customers find our sleep music and sleep aids to be more effective than pharmaceutical medication or natural medication. If you would like the best night sleep possible, then try one of our sleep tracks in the sleep playlist!☯BiNaural BeatsHealing4Happiness produces BiNaural Beats by themselves and in combination with other audio. All our BiNaural Beats are created to the highest standard using our code for best practice which combines the research of the last 30 years into what you can now hear on our channel.Music thanks to:"Fluidscape"Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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your my hero

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How did he only get 40 for a SHARK

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god jihyo is my religion

They have to preform it with happy happy🔥

Samuel Anneken

Mom edition please

Howdy Bair

But on the other OTHER Hand

Ya Boi Hover Twin

"They tried to warn us like, we gonna see them heaven gates or jail" -Polo G

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Let’s Go Coby 🤩



9:11 time

Joshua Johnson

3:43 when a shark hears “Baby Shark”


that’s how mafia works


And that is how you squirt some juice

I took my shot, gotta tell the truth, woah

Aaron Houser

I would take a to the island and a ton of gas

Tia Mackenzie



When my mom moved me and my brother to England I got really depressed too, still living in England... still depressed... no eating disorder tho, I am skinny but that’s cause I have a high metabolism, I ive been trying to gain weight 👌👌 (also I had a feeding tube for a few months... they suck. I don’t have an eating disorder I just was very ill from something else)

Break break breakthrough

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Hi guru! I love your videos you always make my day! :D

TheWeirdo :3

My mom has bipolar disorder and this helped me learn about it.

Little break from the shows and the bus rides (Bus rides), yeah

50 Blessings

On the side of the Normandy it said "Grass Effect" clearly a nod to Mass Effect but also in the style of Plants vs Zombies.

Meron kang cancer

Nov 2018

Miguel Cruz

2:48 panda in the back?

I cant think of a name so hi

0:27The new meme-When you think everything is getting better but it doesn’tOn the way to a gas station at 2:14 am to get some snacc but they’re closedWhen you’re at the climax of your dream but you wake up

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Mok: you know my boyfriend, its Paul


The waster eggs are the only thing good about this game.

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Is this loss?


Is the dead body by the lighthouse an easter egg?

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cody sliverblade

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You guys should do glow in the dark hide and seek like if they see you turn off your light and they wont know where you are

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I have pollen, peanut, augmentin, chicken, seafood, chili, dust, smoke, and perfume allergy.

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4:46 WII Sports Bowling extra

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Hey guru I've been one of your 1st sub's keep up the good work ✌👍👏👋👐👊

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I thought they were going to shoot a shot from in the airplane


Where is Coby

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I have PTDS after a car hit me I still have fear of cars or even when they ride by me it freaks me out Im scared of crosing the street it have been 5 years now by I still have the fear inside my heart

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come to Canada if you have to

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Gotta make due with what you can, right Guru. Anyway cool vid.


The Willy Wonka theme remix :)

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Anna I won’t let anything happen to her. next shotme you sure about dat Anna??

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