Try Not To Laugh Challenge - Funny bird videos awesome compilation 2017

Funny Parrot Talking Videos Compilation 2017 HDThanks For Watching ! Please Like Share & Comment If You Like This Video !OMG!! they are so adorable, some parrot have awsome voices :)Thanks for watching video ! --------------------------------------x-------------------------------------Don't forget subscribe Happiness Kingdom channel : Watch :- Funny Parrots Laughing and Crying Compilation #4:Cute Funny Birds Compilation #1:Cute Funny Birds Compilation #2:Cute Funny Birds Compilation #3: Husky puppies and babies too cute compilationCute Funny Birds Compilation #1 Baby Trying Lemon For First Time: Dogs Loves To Play WithBabies : Puppies and Babies funny Compilation 2017 : Jealous Dog Want More Attention From Their Owners: Cat steals dog's bed compilation: Animal Saves Others Animals : For Watching ! Please Like Share & Comment.👶🏻👶

OneToughCookie TheYouTubeHero

I remember accidentally finding #13 and it scared the shit out of me


THE ENDING.. 😂😂👌👈👋👏BOI🔥🔥💯💯😜😜LITTY nitty bitty RIPP OUR HOMIE HARAMBE wE wIll rOcK U

Me and my friends were playing catch in the backyard and when it was dark outside we teleported to the moon and one of my friend’s dad had A MANSION ON THE MOON😂😱😱😱😱😱

Tze Sun Lee

1:24 i actually thought he said:ur dismissed,general satan's orders

SR Brant

The Bart dick was not necessary.

-Papa Ethan 2k19

4.9.9% Others Love the Lord

seeking owl

in the last game can u noclip and see da ghosts

Ezhil Arasi

you look like stickman

Bryan Estrada

Same I had a seizure when I was born

Noah Wirstroem

If your in 2019 like this

Bruce Higgins

I'm a big fan of you guys

Ashwin Sundaram

in my opinion you guys are the best youtu bers in the world

TheMiningDabBoy 3467

I’m so sorry about what happened

Prisca Lau

um hi when will my story be published?

Daniela Ley

Lo más hermoso y triste que eh escuchado 😭

Random Poop

When yur watching in 2019 and remember Garret had hair


Can my comment not sink down

[GD] MenDeneZ

Am I the only one who isn't affected by all nighters? Like no headaches cramps or pains🤷‍♂️idk why


You are not alone at all. My mother also has mental health issues. She was extremely religious, said some weird things, and had delusional thinking. She had a disconnect from reality. When I was 8, I called 911 without any reason. My mom was furious and decided to take me to the police station. While I learned from it, I grew afraid of the police. Then my mom left me when I was 10 because she had to leave. It wasn’t because she wanted to leave. She had to seek help for her issues. That’s when my mom and dad were separated. Then she would visit me on the weekends. However, my dad was concerned about my anxiety from seeing my mother. He was worried that anything mom said would make me anxious. Then my parents got divorced when I was 13. I now live with a loving, intelligent dad who cares about my family. Ever since my parents got divorced, I would always think about my mom almost every day. I love her despite her mental illness.


I'm the rage monster:)



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