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A new compilation video, including one of our most recent songs, "Wheels on the Bus"!Watch your favorite song by clicking a title below:0:05 Wheels on the Bus 3:37 Are We There Yet? 6:08 Baby Shark 2 8:19 The Duck Hide and Seek Song 11:06 Happy Birthday Song 13:16 Sorry, Excuse Me 17:10 Balloon Car Race 21:36 The Sharing Song 25:07 Three Little Pigs 28:17 The Hiccup Song 30:29 Are You Sleeping Watch Our Playlist: more of our nursery rhymes and kids songs:Please and Thank You Phonics Song Sorry/Excuse Me Song Up Song Song Birthday Song Original ABC Alphabet Video rhymes in English, canciones en inglés para niños, Comptines en anglais, Lagu-lagu anak berbahasa Inggeris, Musik Untuk Anak, barnvisorna på engelska, Músicas em inglês para crianças, Gyerekzene, Kinderlieder in Englisch, 英文兒歌, Písničky v angličtině, أناشيد أطفال باللغة الإنجليزية, अंग्रेजी में नर्सरी कविताएं, Barnerim på engelsk, Canzoni per bambini in inglese, Engelse kinderliedjes, Piosenki dla dzieci po angielskuCopyright Treasure Studio, Inc.All Rights Reserved.

Azam Rahman

I love this 😀😀

Garen M Yang


Zoie Elise Nugas

"kids find a bikini that can fit even if its cute"

Hayden's Productions

What are Noel and a Baby Boomer doing dancing around together?

i taped my penis to a toaster


Janbert Guerrero

So is the jet near the ground or was he high up?

Eduardo Cazares

Send me some money bitches

Baumren VDT

The transition between the first appearance of Olivanders and the last one just giving me some nostalgia


I know its not your fault but these "easter eggs" blow they are just subtle references to past games nothing besides posters and boxes nothing really interesting


think i've found my new favourite series

Matthew Man

Their is 20 bounces

jacob adsett

When's the trials fusion Easter eggs series?

Adira Dzaki

Operation Chimera is BACK BOIS

Take a shot everytime someone comments:

noah coutcher

Love the rugby balls

Leonard Velazquez

0:56 is that mario from marion sunshine but without the water backpack

Comment = How do feel about Jake.

Rizwan khan

I really loved the illusions they made my head shade and in the second one I was like there was magnet or something

scott rock

is the panda tony hawk?


"secret game" "step brother" SWEET HOME ALABAMA

Christopher Quevedo

In 2 days it’s going to be the dope or nope one year anniversary

Nicole Martinez

Disney: ugh I hate these people they keep saying they want to see another trailer for the frozen 2 movie.Me:=_=Everyone: if Elsa has a powerful power why can’t she be in the avengersMe: DUDE THANOS JUST DIE IN THE eND GAME!

mudd wells

There is also something called a demolition derby


How am I just now hearing about the GTA IV easter egg?

Krystel Ouellet



i wish there was a cross bow in gta 5

"People without Non-Uk Passports are nerds!!!!!!"

Judah Sh

love the channel dudes.


Rocio Perez-Varela

hes going to win the boat making challenge


In Up you can see the same Ball blue and yellow with a Red star in toys story in the extrect of this video

sungjin Yt

Why is everybody all of a sudden watching this

King Guwop

How do you find all these Easter eggs :) nice keep up the good work @FunWithGuru



jesus. you guys are so freaking good. you inspired me to start doing long shots when i get the free time. Screw little 3 pointers.. Full court shots is where its at :D

Trevor P

I think religious people should watch this.

xbox360ls best


Stewart’s cool and random stuff

My favorite is the is the 2:46 part

Nikhil Mistry

Why is the water so green

Pimp Savage

He staged that lika mf


dont sweat it man take your time, you dont need to make these were lucky you do at all and i appreciate it

izzgaming zack


Luna_ wolf

You know the worst thing about cancer is that it could come back at any time and could be worse or more aggressive then the last and sometimes they can be so small that you can tell that its there

The Experiment

Garrett Henderson

Aaron is the best!!!!

Kreative Keira

When the thumbnail isn't very unfairly clickbaity

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